Still becoming me

My life as I know it will change drastically in just six short months. I’m fearful. I need help!

And so my goal for this blog is that it would be interactive, and help not only me in preparing for the change ahead, but hopefully you too will gain insight in how to achieve abundant life in whatever is in store for you.

You see, I’m a fifty-something-year-old with a husband of twenty-six-plus years and together we have three daughters, all of whom will be converging back into our home full-time in September.

Need I say more?

Our girls have all experienced various levels of post-secondary education away from the homestead and hubby and I have subsequently become accustomed to a quasi empty-nest experience for nearly six years running. For the most part we’ve enjoyed this hiatus from 24/7 parenting of three. Definitely enjoyed the lack of sibling confrontations erupting here, there, and everywhere in our home.

Whatever happened to the good old days when you went off to college or university and kept moving onward and outward, never to re-inhabit your childhood bedroom fulltime again? I know this reality is not easy for the young adults of today. But dare I be selfish and contemplate how this new way of life also affects the parents of these dear souls who find themselves settling for less than their dreams of full independence? How do we as parents support the emotional turmoil our adult children encounter at this stage in their life while dealing with our own struggle to find some semblance of normalcy, comfort even, while mourning the “what ifs” that are once more put on hold for family. Or do they even have to be put on hold?

Tell me, how does one even handle all the “property” that returns home with your dear loved ones, knowing/praying/believing that one day they will need their “property” once more? A household only needs one kettle, one set of pots, one bedroom set per room. Just thinking of storing all the duplicates alone sends the cortisol levels soaring in me to which my midsection is living proof needs no fodder.

There’s so much rattling around in my head these days as I try to be proactive and cultivate an abundant life in the midst of suspected chaos. Anyone else in my reality? Come, let us discover with courage and determination the way to living abundantly in all situations–no matter what life brings our way.


Forever becoming me,




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