Privilege versus Abundance

Dare I say that if you’re able to read this post in the comfort of your own home, or on your mobile phone in an aromatic coffee shop, then you, like me, are blessed with a privileged life. Praise be to God for us being given so much in a world where people still struggle to find clean water within reasonable distance of their “home”.

But privilege does not abundance make.

Abundance, to me, is the existence of peace, fulfillment, purpose, kindness, respect, drive, motivation, spiritual wellness, and a deep appreciation of rest. I want to work through my days with an end goal in the works, and with many mini goals being ticked off sporadically throughout the day. So that when my husband pulls his car into our garage each evening, after a day of working his brilliant brain to the max, I too can feel as though I’ve earned these hours of rest. Rest for recovery with a quiet excitement uninhibitedly lingering deep within, knowing round X tomorrow is going to be equally as fulfilling.

Abundance does not require privilege. But sometimes privilege impedes a life of abundance.

So how do we get there from here? How do I cultivate an abundant life? In many areas I am naïve, very seriously naïve. But I’m not naïve enough to think that I can just change my habits and turn my current existence with all its mundane chores (that by the way will still need to be done) into a life full of purpose with excitement and determination that drives my day forward. Habits will be modified. But perhaps most importantly, I’ll need to find new perspectives as well.

IMG-20150623-00819Instead of dropping my shoulders as I scour and scrub the daily pots and pans, I’ll straighten my posture, scrub away WHILE contemplating a dream and if I want to make it into a goal, or I’ll prep my next day’s task list in my head, or I’ll pray for a dear friend, or I’ll put the phone on speaker and touch base with my aging parents, … or I’ll look out my kitchen window and lift praises for the birds that come to our feeders, for the flowers that bloom, for the koi that nibble on the water hyacinths sending ripples across our small pond’s surface. Sounding a lot like multitasking? Yes, but perhaps acknowledging that as one key, along with a positive perspective will turn the mundane into the mini goal of existence that we can proudly tick off of our list knowing we did good works today.

Cultivating an Abundant Life is a process, but if you’re like me and need to be motivated by progress, pull out a notebook, pad of paper, or a daily planner if you like, and grab a pen, now jot down at least five things you want to accomplish today. Me, I’m writing down, clean dishes in sink and clear kitchen counter top, dismantle guest room bed to be moved downstairs, put a load of laundry on, pick up blood draw requisition from Naturopath, educate myself on WordPress so I can post aesthetically appealing and purposeful posts that will hopefully serve not only me well, but also those who read them. Cross each item off your list at completion. If you finish early, add some more. If one task took longer than expected and now you’re left with an item or more still to do and no energy or time, HURRAY, you’ve got the start to tomorrow’s list already at your fingertips. Rest for rejuvenation knowing you’re cultivating an abundant life one task at a time with purpose.    

Forever becoming me,



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